About Us

Our mission and vision

Kipuwex’s mission is to decrease the pain in the world by providing reliable pain assessment at home and hospitals regardless of patients age, gender and illness.

Kipuwex’s vision is to become world leading company in pain management domain.


Marko Höynälä, Our Founder and CEO

Marko has worked over 20 years in telecommunication industry in various executive level positions at world leading high-tech companies and demonstrated on continuous basis, abilities to deliver and work effectively within large, complex and diverse multisite organizations. Marko is known as a person who drives initiatives and projects always into a completion – Always. 

Below are his last positions: 

CEO of Wiciot 

CEO of Exiops 

2013 – 2015 Director of Operations (Broadcom Communications) 

2010 – 2013 Director of Operations (Renesas Mobile Europe)

Team Members

General Manager

Matti-Mikael Cedervall

General Manager
Quality Manager

Päivi Mäkinen

Quality Manager
Algorithm Developer

Tanja Orre

Algorithm Developer

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