Henri Nieminen (Co-Founder & Business advisor)

Henri Nieminen, President and CEO of Finnfoam Ltd, has raised Finnfoam as a significant player in its own field of business. 

Henri is known as a visionary, an innovator and a brave decision-maker. Henri is a global leader who listens to other people’s opinions and is genuinely involved in doing so. Henri is a people’s leader who emphasizes openness and honesty in business enviroment. 

Henri was elected Finnish Young Leader of the Year in 2012.

Tarja Pölkki (Medical Advisor) RN, PhD

Tarja is an Adjunct Professor (clinical nursing science) in the University of Oulu. Currently, she is working as a Specialist in Clinical Nursing Science at the Department of Children and Women in Oulu University Hospital leading the research projects focused on the care of pediatric patients and families. 

Dr. Pölkki’s research interests include the areas of pain assessment and pain management in pediatric patients, aimed at the use of non-pharmacological methods and their effectiveness of pain, fear and anxiety. 

Tarja did her PhD-studies on children’s post-operative pain management from the viewpoints of children, parents and nurses. After that, she has focused on neonatal pain care developing in her research team the Neonatal Infant Acute Pain Assessment Scale (NIAPAS) for assessing infants’ pain in neonatal intensive care units. 

She is also interested in using digital innovations in pediatric surgery process, developing patient- and family-centered care, and examining how virtual environment including natural elements can increase the well-being of child in a hospital setting. 

Tarja Pölkki has been as a Principal Investigator in the international European Survey research project focusing on neonatal pain care and an Editor-In-Chief in the Scientific National Journal. 

Currently, she is a member in the research and education group of PEARL (Pain in Early Life). She is also taking part in several multidisciplinary and innovative projects, such as YSI (University hospitals as innovation platforms) and the Virtual Hospital 2.0 Improving healthcare services for citizens, patients and medical professionals.

Jukka Majava (Advisor) PhD and Adjunct Professor at Oulu University

Jukka is Adjunct professor at Oulu university and has 6+ years of research and education experience.  Over 30 international publications on innovation management, product management and operations management. 

Jukka has 12+ years of experience in ICT-industry, Technology Marketing, Customer Care, Partner Management, and Project Management experience at Nokia Oulu and Tampere units (1999-2011). 

Project leader for Nokia Series 40 ecosystem story, technology marketing to key operator customers and application developers. Managed customer care for Nokia Multimedia online sales channel, care concept development for new products, such as Nokia Internet Tablets, and e-support development. Application developer relationship management and applications sourcing, project manager for Nokia’s 3rd party developer program.

Harri Haapasalo, (Advisor) Professor, D.Sc. Tech., M.Sc. Eng., M.Sc. Econ.

Harri is a Head of Industrial Engineering and Management.

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