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Member of Advisory Committee

Dr. MD. Tunde Juhas

Member of Advisory Committee

Dr. Tunde JUHASZ, MD, Physician-In-Chief Neurologist and General Practitioner is an expert in multiple medical domains including: neurology, elderlycare, migraine, spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Currently she is serving as Senior Consultant at Cognitive Team of Stress & Pain Rehabilitation, Neurorehab Centre, Täby Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Juhasz’s professional roles included: Neurology Physician-In-Chief at Rehabilitation Station Solna, Spine Clinique; Specialist Consultant in Stockholm County Health Center and elderly care at Gustavsberg outpatient clinic. Specialist Consultant at Betania Occupational Medical Centre; Specialist Consultant at Rehabilitation Medicine University Clinics, Danderyd Hospital, Sweden; Consultant at Neurology Department of Szent István Hospital, Budapest. Consultant at private elderly center, Budapest. She has served in primarily Sweden & Hungary at multiple health care providers and neurology specialization centers. Her experience and contribution in the last three decades includes neurological diseases , pain treatment, neurological and stress rehabilitation and general medical practice. She also co-founded in Medelixir AB Sweden and started up the private Medelixir Medical clinic for migraine treatment for Nordic market.

The device is not yet approved and is currently undergoing FDA approval.

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