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Chairman of Advisory Committee; Chairman of Kipuwex Board

Prof. Dr. Niclas Adler

Chairman of Advisory Committee; Chairman of Kipuwex Board

Dr. Adler is CEO and Founder of Adler Industries. He is also CEO and Founder of Synthesis Group, iHealth Solutions and iPower Group. He has the last 30 years combined the roles of serial entrepreneur, investor and academic in the global technology space. Among multiple outstanding achievements Dr. Adler has shaping new healthcare innovation systems and major dedicated Investment Funds in in several Asian countries. Dr. Adler has been a Board member and Chairman of Karolinska Development (Publ), investing in technologies to innovate the global healthcare industry as well as Fellow of Sunningdale Institute in UK advicing NHS on new strategies. During his academic career, Dr. Adler was awarded more than 50 research grants from different scientific research foundations, agencies and companies for the total of more than Euro 20 million.


The device is not yet approved and is currently undergoing FDA approval.

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